What to Expect From Heaven & Earth SPA

If this is your first time at Heaven and Earth...

(an abbreviated guide to spa etiquette).

What do I wear?
A robe and slippers is appropriate spa attire to wear around the center. Of course we will provide the robe for you. You can wear whatever you want, just wear something if you plan to wander. If you are receiving a body wrap you may want to bring an old bathing suit or an extra pair of undergarments to wear home.

What do I wear under the robe?
Again, wear what you wish. Most heavenandearthers wear 'nothin', we've seen some people still wear socks, some with undershirts, and others who can't yet seem to ditch their pants. Remember: You're not at Heaven and Earth to worry about this.

Should I wear underwear during a spa treatment?
Whatever makes you comfortable. You will be draped with sheets or towels all the time, but what is most important is your comfort. If you're shy, you can wear a full body scuba suit- you may get a bit sticky though.

Do I have to chat during a session?
Not for a second. Your therapist or technician is a trained professional, but not in speech therapy. If you feel like chatting, go ahead. If you don't, mention that you really would hate to miss any part of the treatment by engaging in idle chit chat, lie down and zone out-we understand.

I forgot to book a waxing. Can I get it done during my facial?
You never know until you ask. Once you get into the room with the aesthetician, let her know your needs. If she has time, she will absolutely accommodate your hairless desires.

Can I put on makeup after a facial?
Make-up shouldn't cause any post-facial clogging, unless you've had an oxygen treatment(where it's the air that your skin is soaking in!) Post O2 , you should try to keep your skin clean at least for a couple hours. Otherwise, make-up as you wish. Ask for a complimentary mineral makeup application to protect, soothe and nourish after your facial...time permitting of course.


SPA-SSARY (some definitions)

Body wrap: also referred to in heaven terms as a cocoon, burrito, hot-blanket wrap, foil wrap, or hot pack-it's any treatment that involves the wrapping of the body in a hot blanket, foil or wrap in order to stimulate circulation, warm the muscles, activate de-bloating through perspiration, or increase absorption of topically applied ingredients. Treatments involving body wraps are not recommended for individuals who are pregnant, have high blood pressure, are diabetic, have a history of fainting, or are on certain medications. Remember 1) to advise your therapist of any medical conditions, and 2) to pre-and-re-hydrate on the day of your treatment, to avoid excessive water loss.

Essential oils: Active oils pressed from the leaves and flowers of certain plants, flowers, herbs, etc. Many have calming, healing, regenerative, moisturizing, detoxifying, and anti-oxidant effects.

Exfoliation: The removal of the outside layer of skin cells via either mechanical scrubbing, low pH solutions or enzymes. Designed to smooth, resurface, refine, and stimulate the skin's surface, and perfect the appearance.

Extractions: Manual cleaning of sebum, debris, and dead cells out of the pores. (yes, this means blackheads and other unsightly stuff you'd rather not mention.) They are essential to a thorough facial!

Paraffin: Is a warm wax that has been used for years in physical therapy treatments because of its ability to increase circulation. Paraffin goes on warm and quickly cools, forming a vacuum on the surface of the skin that improves dry and dehydrated, aging and lackluster skin.

Reflexology: The Chinese art of strategically massaging the feel, using reflex points to balance, relax, or stimulate the corresponding organs, or tissues of the body. (A great massage for the shy, modest, or 'ticklish behind the knees')

T-zone: Is the oily area that generally extends across the forehead, down the nose and onto the chin of most complexions. It is the reason why we powder our noses.

Waxing: Is the fast removal of unwanted hair from any area of the body or face with a very painless (speaking for technique), great smelling, slightly sticky substance that shrink wraps the hair and pulls it from the root, without pulling on the skin. Not recommended for Retin-A or Accutane users (or within 6 months of use), or individuals with sunburns.


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