Lokte Method - Connective Tissue Release

Lokte Method – Connective Tissue Release

30 minutes – $6 /9 45 minutes – $86 / 60 minute Lokte/Massage Combo – $105 / 75 minute Lokte/Massage Combo – $127

Lokte Method focuses on loosening adhesion in the connective tissue at the source of restriction or dysfunction to restore mobility and eliminate pain.In this unique approach the practitioner uses carefully controlled weight to anchor affected areas with the sole of their foot, pinning the affected tissue.The client provides slow, deliberate movement allowing adhesions to release and tissue to rehydrate, removing the source of inflammation and pain. This direct release offers immediate change, providing more profound, lasting relief for the client in a shorter period of time.

Please wear comfortable clothing.  This technique is done clothed and consists of active movement.