Transition to Heaven & Earth Massage & Coaching (Maura’s Solo Practice)

The pandemic has brought challenges for all of us – some of my own have been keeping the spa fully staffed while managing increased costs across the board. I’ve realized that the time has come to make a change, both for my clients and for the business, and to get back to what I love doing the most – being a massage therapist.

After 15 plus years of owning and managing Heaven & Earth with an amazing staff of massage therapists, aestheticians, and spa coordinators, I have decided to make the transition from full-service spa owner to solo practitioner, providing massage therapy, health coaching, and run coaching to clients as Heaven & Earth Massage & Coaching.

I am looking forward to devoting myself full-time to working hands-on with clients, helping them manage their own stress and improve their quality of life. I have also spent the past year earning my Health Coaching Certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and am excited to be able to offer this service to my clients as well.

I understand that this comes as a surprise, and that you may have questions for me. I will be sharing updated information on the transition as it evolves. This transition will take place over the next 4-6 weeks. Heaven & Earth will continue operating as usual while our staff members find new positions. Once we know their next steps, we will share where they are going so you can choose to stay with the therapists you have grown to love. If you have appointments coming up in the next few weeks, we will do all we can not to disrupt your previously scheduled services.

We will honor Memberships and Gift Cards as outlined below:


  • December charges will not be charged.
  • Any existing members who have services in December will receive their 20% off benefit and can use any available active core services.
  • Memberships will be discontinued as of January 1st.
  • Any remaining active core services will be converted to a gift card with the equivalent dollar value of the membership price.


Gift Cards:

  • We will no longer sell Gift Cards.
  • We will honor any outstanding Gift Cards.
  • I will be working on creating a local network of practitioners to help honor Heaven & Earth gift cards. More information will be shared on our web site as this network is set up.


Thank you for the time and trust you have invested in Heaven & Earth.  I will be sharing updated information on the transition as it evolves.

With gratitude,